What you can do to keep your teeth healthy

Health is wealth. Whatever you have earned or gave been earning is because of your fine legs and healthy brain. Your health is everything to you. Whatever you have got is because of your health. So, try to take care of your body. Don’t damage it. Your digestive system holds great importance. Try to do what is beneficial for your organs.

There are many things which you can do to keep your teeth strong. But the two most important things are listed down. So scroll down and look at here now!

Have healthy diet: Unlike others who prefer to have Nutella bars in breakfast and supper, try to have healthy food. Have a glass of milk with fruit or salad in breakfast to give all required nutrients to your body. Similarly, in lunch prepare a salad with boiled rice and curry and fresh juice to make meal tasty, scrumptious and nutritious. In supper, don’t go at espresso. Have fruits, smoothie and dark chocolate.

You can have pancakes too but they should have honey , not sugar. And dinner should be simple but wholesome. You can have salad, a little meat or something you like that would be cooked in decent way. Have nuts too regularly to keep your teeth strong and firm. Your food decides your health. If you have your meals on time and if they are nutritious then you will not need to take appointments of pediatric dentists in Dubai. Make and prepare healthy meals. They can have flavour and taste but they should not have bad fat and too much starch that can harm your body.

Change your lifestyle: Give importance to time. Have breakfast early in the morning to feed your body with required energy after a large fast of eight hours. Similarly, do not have lunch at four or five o click. Do it fast. Have it before three so that your body would not be lacking energy at any moment. Have supper at four or six to keep the body energized all time. Have dinner earlier as well.

Brush your teeth regularly with minimum toothpaste because too much fluoride is not good for health. Use banana peel or strawberries to whiten them. Rinse your mouth with black or green teeth to protect teeth from cavities and keep mouth away from gum damage. Prefer natural food over artificial or man made food because they won’t cause damage.