Debunking myths about Botox and Dermal fillers

Close-up of beautiful woman getting injection in the cosmetology salon. Doctor in medical gloves with syringe injects cheeks drug.

There are so many different myths which surround the botox clinic Dubai, making it a scary and unwanted experience. People are often misguiding which is why there is a dire need of finding the true information and using it for your benefit. This is why here we will be debunking some dermal fillers in Dubai myths to help you through:

  • They can be painful

The process of getting botox is extremely quick so if any sensation or pain which is felt is going to be temporary. Most people don’t even feel the injection while for those who do feel it states it to be close to a mosquito bite. There is no anaesthesia or extensive surgery involved which doesn’t leave any trauma to the skin.

  • It will numb the face

Yes it is true that there are such botox injections available which would temporary freeze the look on the face but in order to receive those, you will have to specially ask for them from the practitioner. As mentioned, it is temporary and effects wear off quickly. Only the injected area will be affected and for those who are used to getting it regularly may not find it troublesome at all.

  • It is only used for cosmetic reasons

Even though the way botox is advertised these days suggest that they are used only for cosmetic purposes, it is wrong as there is a lot that can be done with botox. The original use of botox was to treat neurological disorders and soon it prevailed into facial treatment for cosmetic purposes. They are still used to treat migraines, chronic back and neck pains. It can even be used to treat bladders.

  • They are just for women

This can be easy to misunderstand considering it is women who are mostly crazy about getting prettier but men are involved in this too. The difference is that women are more open to discussing about this than men. Men mostly use the treatment for treating fine lines and hyperhidrosis while on the other hand, women prefer to get more parts of the face botoxed than men.

There are many other different misconceptions around but you can be sure of the fact that fillers do not pose any permanent threat to your face or skin. Enjoy the rejuvenated look.