Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Smile is the most beautiful jewelry one can where and to maintain that smile all you have to do is smile more. But some people are not confident about their smile and they don’t seem to open up why. That is because their teeth are not as white as they want and this is a very common problem so, if you have don’t worry you are not alone. And you don’t need to worry because according to American Dental Association (ADA), people in United States and in UAE spent more than $12 billion on teeth whitening procedures and some of these statistics also included $1.4 billion on procedures which were of home remedies and techniques. 

But we all know natural things are always best when it comes to medicinal procedures. Since most people are allergic to chemical-based products and some even suffer from severe side effects of such products, those people prefer natural remedies. And when it is about your smile because it is one thing on your body, you need to take extra care of that. This first natural remedy for teeth whitening may seem near to impossible to swallow, but here it goes, try the traditional Indian oil pulling remedy. Indians use sesame oil and sunflower oil for this technique. You must be thinking you will need to pull the teeth, well no, this means you have to swish the oil in your mouth and throw it out when you are done.

But coconut oil is also hyped in whitening teeth because it kills inflammation bacteria. Second, you need to brush your teeth with baking soda. But be very careful before doing that because if you do it regularly or add a lot of baking soda, your teeth will get weak. You just need to add teaspoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water and a pinch of salt. And brush with this paste just 3 times a week. Although, this remedy is not proven scientifically but some people have showed good results. Third is by using apple cider vinegar, it kills bacteria and it has bleaching effects which will help in whitening your teeth slowly but guaranteed. 

But if you are an ulcer patient make sure not to swallow it. Although, natural remedies are slow but results happen and if you are looking for results which are natural as well as uses advanced technology, you can visit any best dental clinic in Dubai and get advices and solutions for best teeth whitening in Dubai.