What Can I Do If Yahoo Mail Verification Code Not Received?

What you do if the Yahoo mail verification code not received? You will find solutions to this issue in this blog.  Yahoo!, an American Company, developed Yahoo! Mail to provide a more convenient way of emailing. Yahoo! has over 40 products and services utilized worldwide for its sheer brilliance and compatibility with the users.

However, there exist multiple accounts for different purposes owned by one single user in this world of technology – it is undeniable that we tend to forget the passwords for most of them. Thanks to technology creators, we have been given the feature to reset the password as soon as we forget it. To change your password, you need to verify yourself. Now, you can do this by receiving an email on your email address with a verification code; you need to insert this verification code in the column to set a new password. 

Causes For Problem Receiving Yahoo Mail Verification Code 

Before we jump right into the causes, you must know the possible reasons for the occurrence of such issues. Knowing the possibilities that lead to the Yahoo mail verification code not received would help you understand the problem better to resolve it quickly. The causes are mentioned below. 

  • This solution may sound obvious, but it’s better to put it out there – you can receive SMS codes only on mobile numbers, so please ensure that you’re not entering a landline number 
  • Another obvious but important cause can be an invalid data limit, meaning that you have reached your data limit
  • Incorrect contact information on your account may lead to this problem as well 
  • Lastly, Yahoo may direct your emails to the SPAM folder if Yahoo suspects them to be a spam

Solutions For Yahoo Mail Verification Code Not Received

Now that you are aware of the causes, we must move onto the solutions to fix the Yahoo verification code not working. 


If you cannot receive an email with the verification code on Yahoo, you can always use your phone number to receive the same code. To change the verification code mobile number, follow the steps below.

  • Open Yahoo mail on your smartphone
  • Tap on your profile icon and then on manage accounts
  • Next, tap on account information and then on security settings
  • Select add the phone number and follow the onscreen instructions to add a new phone number to your yahoo account
  • Now, send the verification code to your phone number


One of the common reasons for Yahoo verification code not working or receiving is a full inbox. To elaborate, if your email address is open and you’re waiting for the verification code email, but the email won’t reflect in your inbox, you should consider checking the storage that your inbox has left. If you exchange emails daily, the chances are that your inbox is at its storage capacity, and you cannot receive any new emails.

There are two ways to find out if your inbox is full:

  • Send an email to yourself to check if you receive it
  • Delete unimportant emails from your inbox and send the verification code email again

If you do receive the email you sent to yourself, a full inbox isn’t a problem. If you don’t receive the email, perform the second way to fix it.


Another reason for the Yahoo mail verification code not receiving is invalid or incorrect contact information on your account. You may have configured an old alternative email address which may be why the problem occurs in the first place.

To check the email address on your web browser, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Account
  • Go to Yahoo’s security page by opening the menu and clicking on a relevant option
  • Click on edit next to the verification option
  • The registered alternate email address should be visible now – please check if it is correct
  • If the email address is incorrect, you can click on the edit info option right next to it and enter the valid email address
  • Click on confirm after you finish making the changes
  • You shall receive the email at your edited email address

To fix the Yahoo verification code not working problem, please check the email address on your Yahoo mobile application by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the application on your smartphone and tap on the profile icon placed at the top of the screen
  • Select Manage account to reveal a menu
  • Tap on Account info from the options and then tap on security settings
  • Next, tap edit placed next to the verification option to make the changes
  • Select Edit info that you should be able to see next to your email address and enter the correct email address
  • Finally, tap on confirm to save changes

Now that you’ve made the necessary changes, you should be able to receive the email on your alternate account now. You have learned how to fix the problem with Yahoo verification emails delivery on your desktop and smartphone. For more related information, please check out our other blogs, where you can find a helpful guide to resolve such issues.

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