What Makes You a Good Blogger?

The vast majority of new blogs will fail within a year, often because they start with the wrong foundations and also because the sudden rise in popularity for blogging, has meant increased competition in order to keep viewers eyes on your blog.

People forget to consider just what it actually takes to run a blog or to be a ‘blogger’. That is why this article will be particularly useful to help ensure the long-term success of your blog, by ensuring you start off with the right strategy.

We will start with a look at what the term blogger actually means before moving onto a number of factors that define a good blogger. Factors that can often mean the difference between your blog being a wonderful success or simply slipping into oblivion.

Blogger Meaning

blogger is someone who regularly participates in creating new content for a blog.

blogger does not have to make money, for example, it can be a hobby, however, the art of habitually creating new content for the sole purpose of being shared on a blog – gives rise to the term blogger.

It is a self-imposed name, there are no official courses or tests one must complete. It is simply a common word used to help define those who have an interest in participating or even running their own blog (thus the term blogger).

Although everyone can become a blogger within a matter of minutes, not everybody should. Successful bloggers tend to have certain skills or traits which lead to their success. Failing to gives these skills due to attention can doom your blog before even starting.

What are the qualities of a good blogger?

The good news is that anyone can learn to become a Good Blogger and that is the key purpose of this post. Here is a list of key skills which makes a Good Blogger:

1) A Good Blogger is focused on a topic

A key skill in any business is to create a focus so that you can be remembered. It is better to be known as the master of something, then the jack of all trades who often gets forgotten. This same skill naturally applies to Blogging, yet is massively neglected and thus still one key reason most people fail.

Before starting a blog, it is important to define what the topic or direction of your blog will be.

For example, if you are a photographer then your blog may be based on pictures you regularly take or even on regular advice to help others with the hobby. If you want to write a diary-based blog then your blog’s main character should be consistent or you will confuse your readers. If you are a sewing enthusiast then your blog may begin to detail all the vast knowledge and experience you have on the topic.

My blog is based around a core topic too. I help entrepreneurs to make more money. I have a core topic and I know which type of reader I want to attract. I also have vast experience within this field which makes the topic perfectly suited to me.

This helps me write content that is tailored to them, which in turn both helps me keep them engaged and helps me to attract greater numbers of readers.

Important point here:

I write on a topic I am both passionate about and that I am knowledgable of.

By defining your core topic and focusing on that topic, you help get yourself noticed. By showing true knowledge on that topic you gain respect. People will be able to both recommend you and you will be able to keep more readers engaged for longer.

You have to remember that thousands of people are starting blogs every day, so unless you have a focus that helps you stand out, you will be just another statistic. (This complete guide will teach you how to stand out from the crowd, so make sure you read it all completely)

I will discuss how to find a good topic for your blog in a later post in this series.

Key points – What makes a good blogger is both focus and true knowledge of the topic

2) A Good Blogger is consistent:

Blogging requires consistency. Very few irregular blogs become successful, because the whole concept of blogging is based on a regular reading of new content.

There are no rules as to how often you blog, however, whatever you decide should be consistent. Many people like to blog once a day, however, for me, that is perhaps impractical. I prefer blogging once or twice a week. My readers tend to know this, so they know exactly what to expect to form my blog: good quality content once or twice a week. (another longer than once every two weeks would be difficult to keep readers engaged and coming back).

If I was to take a long break from blogging, maybe a few months and release no new content in this time, then my reader numbers would dwindle rapidly. I know this as I made that mistake last year when I got distracted. From hundreds of readers a day I fell to barely a trickle simply because I wash;t consistent in y approach to blogging.

If you decide to take up blogging, make sure you are committed to staying consistent

Key points – What makes a good blogger is being consistent

3) A Good Blogger stands out from the crowd

With thousands of new blogs being created each day, it is very important that you stand out from the crowd. Focus and having a topic are always a good start, but you will still have many competitors in the same field. So you have to “add value” or do something differently. 

Here are three key ways you can stand out:

  1. Having a voice or opinion: Blogging originated to give people a voice, and that is still the essence of adding value to a blog. Whilst readers can catch up on the latest news at a bigger website, they will still come to you if you do it differently. If you add your own voice or opinion/view then your content has a reason to be read. Never be afraid to add your personal touch on your blog
  2. Having a unique style: You do not always have to give an opinion, sometimes the way your present your content can be alluring enough. Maybe you can take regular news and make it funny (video parodies or comic strips) or maybe you can take complex matters and display them simply. Having a style that is unique to you, will help you tremendously to stand out.
  3. Adding Value: Your content must do something that no other content does. It must add value to the reader’s lives so that they want to come back for more. Maybe it is your expert opinion or your ability to read into things, ensure whatever you put out there is useful to someone and adds value to their lives. Never pump out content simply for the sake of it.
My blog works on the concept of ‘adding value’. My readers know that my content is both useful and well researched. They also know that I take my personal experience and adapt it into my content to offer suggestions that no-one else does. I have a unique style that people likes to lay things out easy for people to see. I can dissect complicated topics to their key parts and that is I stand out from the crowd.
Make sure you know before you even start how you will stand out from the crowd.

Key points – What makes a good blogger is the ‘value’ that they add.

4) A Good Blogger knows it takes time and effort to main a great blog

No-one should underestimate just how much effort goes into maintaining the content of a blog. It may only take a few hours a week to write the content but you must make sure you make that time and ensure you never get distracted.

Many people give up wiring a diary after a few weeks as they find it hard to stay motivated. A blog will be no different unless you are fully prepared to be in it for the long haul.

A great way to stay motivated is to be constantly learning about blogging and improving your skills. Bookmarking and regularly visiting blogs such as one will help give you ideas on how to constantly improve your blogs. Seeing your blog growing will be a huge motivational factor, but nothing will happen without you committing to spend the time and effort into making your blog a success.

It will not happen overnight, it will take a consistent effort. Surround yourself with a good blogger who posts good content regularly and that will help give you the inspiration to keep moving forward. Also, understand you still have a ton to learn. My beginner’s guide to blogging is a great start, but it will still be a long journey ahead. A journey that can be very enjoyable if you set your blog strategy up the right way from the start.

Key points –  Everyone can be a good blogger if they begin with a great blogging strategy.



Blogging is very easy, yet jumping in simply because it is easy may cause problems. We should all take the time to start planning our blogging strategies.

This starts with the topics we feel we are knowledgeable and competent to blog about. Scheduling how and when we will write posts and how we will constantly find new ideas (something I discuss in detail in a later lesson).  Making sure we have a voice alongside preparing ourselves mentality for the effort and consistency required to be a very successful blogger.

I will delve deeper into many of these topics in the upcoming lessons, so by the end of this guide, you will be well set and on your way to successful blogging.

Be sure to share your feedback via a comment below and feel free to share this page with anyone who may find it useful.

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