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Travel Health Insurance: The Complete Guide

Travel health insurance, None of us wants to think about all the things that can go wrong when we’re on that much-needed vacation, but the truth is, many things can.  You could become ill while away, or you could even get sick right before the long-awaited day has arrived and not even board that pre-paid cruise ship at all.  Travel health insurance is set up to protect you from all the above-mentioned occurrences and many more but before you purchase this type of health insurance, you need to know what it is and just what coverage to look for.

What Is Travel Health Insurance And When Do I Need It?

Travel health insurance is an insurance policy that you can purchase prior to your departure that covers you for a variety of occurrences, whether medical or not, while you are away.  This insurance can be pricy so you should take some things into consideration before you buy it.  If you are going on a short trip that only requires one round-trip airline ticket of $250 then travel health insurance may be overkill.  If you have booked a $5,000 once-in-a-lifetime cruise well in advance, then travel health insurance begins to make more sense.  You need to decide if the cost of the policy is worth it.

What Should It Cover?

A good travel health insurance policy should offer you coverage for a number of things.  First, you should be covered the entire time you are on your trip and at any destination.  It should cover personal injury or death to you or anyone else named on the policy. It should cover the costs of all medical-related expenses you incur while on your trip.  Travel health insurance policies can also cover you in the event you need to be evacuated due to a medical emergency.

Should you be visiting a third world country where medical experience and supplies are limited, make sure your policy covers any type of transportation to a more adequate country to receive proper medical care. If you travel often, you can purchase a multi-trip travel health insurance policy.

Where Do I Get It?

First, check into the coverage you are entitled to under your regular health insurance plan so you don’t end up paying more for coverage you already have. Once you know what you need, you can buy travel health insurance from your cruise line, travel agent, or an independent insurance agent.  Although the independent insurance agents can be the most expensive, you don’t have to worry about your cruise line going bankrupt and not honouring your travel insurance.

Unfortunately, things do and have happened and when they do happen without travel health insurance, they can be costly.  So when that travel agent suggests travel health insurance to you, don’t roll your eyes and assume they are just trying to get you to spend yet even more money.  Pay attention and think about it.  It may just be the best vacation money you ever spend.

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