Small Business Marketing Plans

Suppose you have a good product, and you are ready to complete the order. You could lose an important aspect of the business: marketing – or telling people why they need your great product in the first place. These small business marketing Plans will really help you grow your customers.
The following is a comprehensive list of Marketing ideas we have compiled to help you understand customer needs and how to meet those needs.

General ideas

  • Hold at least one marketing activity every day.
  • Find out the percentage of revenue you can spend each year on marketing.
  • Set specific marketing goals for each year; update and adjust quarterly.
  • Carry business cards with you at all times. You never know who you’ll get into!

Target Market

  • Stay alert for trends that may affect your target market, product or promotion strategy.
  • Learn market research studies on your work, industry, product, targeted market groups, etc.
  • Collect advertisements for competitors and books; learn to get information on strategies, product features, benefits, etc.
  • Ask clients why they hired you and ask for improvement suggestions.
  • Identify a new market.
  • Join a list of service (email lists) related to your work.
  • Sign up for a LinkedIn group or feed list that works in your target market.

Product development

  • Create a new service, process or product.
  • Provide a simple/cheap/cheap version of your product (or existing).
  • Provide a fan / expensive/fast/bulk version of your product (or existing).
  • Update your services.

Education, Resources and Information

  • Establish a marketing and public relations consultancy group and referrals made by partners and/or neighbouring business owners; share ideas and referrals and discuss community issues.
  • Create a forum or environment for employees to contribute to their suggestions.
  • Go to the marketing meeting.
  • Read the marketing book.
  • Sign up for a newsletter or other booklet.
  • Subscribe to marketing listings.
  • Train your employees, clients and colleagues to promote referrals.
  • Hold a monthly marketing meeting with employees or colleagues to discuss strategies and status and ask for marketing ideas.
  • Join an organization or organization related to your work.
  • Find a marketing person who will take you as a client; will provide you with an internal experience and provide you with free marketing assistance.
  • Keep a contact card file for designers, writers, and other marketing professionals. Hire a marketing consultant and do a number of reflections several times.
  • Visit another city or region to see and learn about the marketing strategies used there.
  • Prices and payments
  • Analyze your financial structure and look for areas that need adjustment or adjustment. Establish a credit card payment option for customers.
  • Offer a discount to regular customers.
  • Learn to swap. Offer discounts to members of specific groups / professional groups/organizations in exchange for promotions in their publications.
  • Offer cash discounts.
  • Donate financial plans or instalments.
  • Marketing Communication
  • Publish a newsletter for customers and prospects (need not be popular or expensive).
  • Upgrade an online service booklet.
  • Generate unique business cards/sales letters in specific parts of your target market (for example, government and sales and/or business and consumer).
  • Create a poster or calendar to give customers and hopes.
  • Print the motto and/or description of one of your business sentences in letterhead, fax cover sheets and invoices. Take your business offline.
  • Create a signature file that will be used for all your email messages. It should contain contact details, including your website address and important information about your company that will make the reader want to contact you.
  • Include customer testimonials in your publications.
  • Check out the new mailing list. If it produces results, add them to your current list of specific addresses or consider substituting a list that does not meet expectations.
  • Announce a free or special offer for your specific response pieces. (Specific replies can be direct mail, broadcast faxes, or email messages.) Include offers at the beginning of the message and outside of the direct email envelope.

Having the right small business marketing plans can help you fulfil orders and sell the amount of product you need to meet your bottom line.

Relationships with the media

  • Update your media list frequently so that media releases are sent to the appropriate media location and person.
  • Post timely and relevant news releases whenever needed.
  • Write a column for a local newspaper, a local business journal or a business letter.
  • Distribute the reprint of published articles.
  • Announce your 500th annual client (or other important distance).
  • Create an annual prize and advertise it.
  • Find community relations and media training or learn about it.
  • Appear on the radio or TV talk show… that means, we don’t want to see you in Jerry Springer or Judge Judy.
  • Create your own TV show in your industry or speciality. Market this show on your local cable station or community radio station as standard, or see if you can play your show on an open-access cable channel.
  • Write to the editor of your local newspaper or trade magazine.
  • Take the editor to lunch to see what they write and explain how your business can get into it.
  • Find an ad image taken and post it with a media release.
  • Regularly update newspapers and magazines on PR opportunities.
  • Post tips articles in newsletters and newspapers.
  • Do industry research and improve media releases or articles to announce important discoveries in your field.
  • Create a media kit and save your current content.

Customer Service and Customer Relations

  • Ask your clients to come back again.
  • Return calls immediately.
  • Set up an email or fax search system to easily respond to customer queries.
  • Use an answering machine or voice mail system to hold after-hours calls. Include basic information in your outgoing messages such as business hours, location, etc.
  • Ask clients what you can do to help them.
  • Take clients to a football game, show, or another special event – just send them two-note tickets. Hold a meeting at your customs office and prospects.
  • Send handwritten notes of thanks.
  • Send birth cards and appropriate annual greetings.
  • Photocopy interesting articles and send them to customers and prospects with a handwritten FYI (for your information) and your business card.
  • Send an interesting letter or another appropriate business gift to a client with a handwritten note.
  • Create a place on your website directly for your customers.
  • Redesign your office or the place where you meet your customers.

Networking and Word of Mouth

  • Join the Chamber of Commerce or another organization.
  • Join or organize a breakfast or lunch club with other professionals (not in your field) to discuss business and network transfers.
  • Serve at the city board or commission.
  • Hold a holiday party.
  • Hold the open house.
  • Send letters to attendees after attending the conference.
  • Join the list of social services (email lists) on the Internet.


  • Advertise the high seasons of your business.
  • Find a memorable phone number, such as 1-800-WIDGETS.
  • Find a memorable URL and email address and include them in all sales.
  • Provide Rolodex cards or printed stickers with your business contact details.
  • Grow your business by partnering with other professionals with a direct affiliate email.
  • Advertise on a special guide or on yellow pages.
  • Write an ad in another language to reach an English-speaking market. Place an advertisement in a book that is being marketed, such as a Spanish newspaper.
  • We distribute specialized advertising products such as pens, mouse packs, or cups.
  • Mail bumps – photos, samples and other new items on your trust list. (A lump is anything that makes an envelope so tight and makes the recipient want to know what is in the envelope!)
  • Create a direct email list of hot hopes.
  • Think of unusual techniques such as bus monitoring, billboards, and popular Web sites.
  • Print a message on the side of the road in front of your business area using a headlamp engraved on the glass window.
  • Consider placing ads in a separate section of your newspaper.
  • Think of a worthless car marker with your company name.
  • Create a bumper sticker for your car.
  • Remove your ads and keep track of results.
  • Improve your building signs and directional signs inside and out.
  • Invest in a neon sign to make your office or storefront window visible at night.
  • Create a new or improved company logo or recall a traditional logo.
  • Sponsor and promote competitions or sweepstakes.

Special Events and Outreach

  • Find a booth in the fair/trade show attended by your target markets.
  • Support or host a special event or open house in your business area in partnership with a local nonprofit organization, such as a women’s business centre.
  • Describe how the organization helped you.
  • Give a talk or volunteer on a workday in high school.
  • Teach a class or meeting at a local college or adult education centre.
  • Support the Adopt-a-Road area in your community so that roads are free of garbage. People passing by this place will see your name on the sign announcing your support.
  • Donate your time to a charity or a nonprofit organization.
  • Donate your product or service to the auction.
  • Appear in the panel at the professional conference.
  • Write a pamphlet or article on how to publish it.
  • Publish a book.

Sales Ideas

  • Start daily with two cold calls.
  • Read newspapers, business journals, and trade books on new business openings, employee appointments, and promotional announcements made by companies.
  • Send letters of your business to the right people and firms.
  • Submit your sales letters to your attorney, accountant, printer, bank, temporary agency, official dealer, advertising company, etc.
  • Enter your fax number on order forms for easy delivery.
  • Set up search fax or email program to easily spread answers to the company or product queries.
  • Follow your direct sending, email messages and faxes for friendly phone calls.
  • Try using broadcast fax or email delivery methods instead of direct mail (fax and email streaming allow you to send the same message to multiple locations at the same time).
  • Use broadcast faxes or email messages to notify your customers of product activity updates.
  • Extend your working hours.
  • Reduce response/switch time. Make easy editing – use reminders. Provide pre-addressed envelopes.
  • Display product and service samples in your office.
  • Remind clients of the products and services you offer that you are not currently buying.
  • Call and/or send email to former customers to try to update them.
  • Take online sales orders.

Developing Small Business Marketing Plans

Marketing requires a lot of time, money and preparation. One of the best ways to prepare is to develop strong small business marketing plans. A strong small business marketing plans will ensure that you not only stick to your plan but that you use your marketing funds wisely and efficiently.

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