Why Having ONE Focus Is The Key To Productivity And Success

Having ONE Focus Is The Key To Productivity And Success. This lesson is one I learn over a very tough year, where I struggled to find the key to both productivity and success. Having been an entrepreneur for most of my life, it is very difficult for me to define one thing that I am good at, one thing that I should be known for, or one thing that people should think he is the right man for the job. You see, I’m pretty good at most things, making me a good CEO, but that does not help people to help me.

Having a focus or one particular thing you are good at, allows people to identify that particular speciality with you. You might be a graphic designer, which means that people will know you do design, so whenever a design-related job comes along, you will easily be associated with the potential to fulfil the job.

Now imagine, someone who although is good at graphic design also has the ability to write well, manage people and solve business problems. How does that person sell themselves? Well, most likely they sell themselves at being good at all these things, the jack of all trades, but the master of none.

The trick I found was to find just one focus that would help do two things:

  1. Help me focus clearly on the people I was to target (targeting people who have business problems, need coaching or an interim manager is too varied, so I picked just one target group).
  2. Helps people identify me with a role. (If they do not remember what I do, then I have little chance of being the right person for any job they have)

Clearly focusing on one target group really helped me target clients effectively, which naturally was the key to increased productivity and success. Rather then finding a number of people who wanted different things I could consolidate my efforts and managed to network/contact many more people then if my focus was diversified. It also allowed me to sell a similar research marketing package to a number of clients which also made me much more productive and specialist in what I did.

Best of all I did not lose my all-round ability. I will still add more and more abilities to my consulting group so that I eventually will not be known for just one thing, but at the moment it works. This year, I will target all my current clients with a secondary ability which after working with them, will be much easier to sell and give me an opportunity to have some practical experience in my secondary field before trying to sell it to a new set of clients.

I call it the curse of the entrepreneur, the ability to do too many things well but get bored with being tagged with just one thing. However, if you are just starting out or are struggling to find clients, it is well worth being known for one particular thing that you do well. Help people to remember what you do and the work will eventually come to you. That is why having ONE focus is the key to productivity and success.

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