NMB Bank launches NMB Sapati-a 24*7 loan facility


NMB Arthik

Kathmandu, Nov 2. NMB Bank has launched NMB Sapati, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven loan product which features end to end automation wherein the entire loan process from application to disbursal of loan is undertaken digitally and has no manual intervention of any kind. This is for the ‘first time in Nepal’ that a Bank loan facility is accessible 24*7 and that the loan disbursal process is fully automated. The loan can be availed simply through one’s mobile device with no bank visit required.

NMB Sapati is a collateral-free short term personal loan designed to meet the personal and emergency financial requirements of customers. The loan is available to all customers who maintain Payroll Account with the Bank, a loan up to NPR.100,000 is available instantly-24*7. Customers have the option to select their repayment period and also the loan amount based on ease and convenience.

“NMB Sapati is a part of the roadmap that outlines the Bank’s advancement in digital banking, we have been introducing products that add value to customers and enhance their experience with the brand. The end to end automation of the entire loan process with zero manual intervention not only gives customers the ease to avail the loan anytime, anywhere but also supports the Bank’s commitment towards a paperless work environment. NMB Sapati can be availed via mobile devices and hence is a safe and contactless means for customers to meet personal and emergency financial requirements during these times.” said Sunil KC, Chief Executive Officer, NMB Bank Limited.


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