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How to activate NIC Asia Mobile Banking Service from Home | A Complete Guide For New Users

NIC Asia MOBANK is NIC Asia Bank’s Official Mobile Banking App. With NIC Asia Mobile Banking App on your phone, you can enjoy easy banking from your handheld devices, from anywhere anytime. You can manage and use your Bank Account on the move and around the clock with this secure NIC ASIA Mobile Banking App from NIC ASIA Bank.

What is NIC ASIA Mobile Banking?

NIC ASIA Mobile banking is a convenient and safe transaction banking application offered online. You can manage and access your NIC bank accounts quickly and securely either through SMS, WIFI, 3G, or Edge. What banking facilities can I do through NIC ASIA Mobile Banking Application?

What banking facilities can I do through NIC ASIA MOBANK application?

With NIC ASIA MOBANK application, you can access and manage your NIC accounts to
perform the following services.

  • View your account balances and the last 5 transaction statements.
  • View your credit card information.
  • Transfer funds between your applicable NIC accounts.
  • Transfer funds to another bank account associated with fonepay networks.
  • Pay bills to utilities like Postpaid, NTC Landline, and Credit Cards. Direct Top-up to NTC
    Prepaid, Postpaid, ADSL, Ncell Prepaid, Ncell Postpaid, Dishome and Simtv accounts.,
    Recharge Vouchers for NTC prepaid, NTC CDMA, Broadlink, Smart Cell, Dishome and
    Radius communication.
  • Locate ATMs and branches with its route navigation.
  • Get instant notifications from debit or credit on account activities.
  • Get the latest foreign exchange rates issued by the bank and stock market value of the
  •  Stop your credit/debit cards directly and instantly, for instance in case of theft, loss or
  •  Statement request between applicable dates

How can I enroll in NIC ASIA MOBANK?

To enroll in Mobile banking, you need to visit the nearby NIC ASIA bank counters and fill the registration form.
Once the bank personal verifies your mobile number with the account number you provide, you
will be sent with the registration confirmation message with all your login password, transaction password and MPIN.

How To install NIC ASIA MOBANK application on my Mobile Phone?

The NIC ASIA Mobile banking  application is available in android, iOS, and java supported platform

Android Users: get the application, visit Google play store, and search for NIC ASIA MOBANK from your
mobile devices.

iOS Users:  To Get the application, visit Apple app store and search for NIC ASIA MOBANK from your
mobile devices.


How to activate NIC Asia Mobile Banking Service Online

  1. Open NIC Asia Mobank and click on ‘New User’
  2.  Enter your registered mobile number and account number
  3.  Enter activation code received via SMS in the registered mobile number
  4.  Set up your Login Password
  5. Setup your Transaction PIN
  6. Now, login and enjoy services provided at NIC Asia Mobank

how to activate nic asia mobile banking

For any further queries or feedback, please contact NIC Asia Bank through the following means:
Toll-Free Number: 16600177771
Email: [email protected]


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