New Record: The Value Of Bitcoin Reached 1.6 Million, An Increase Of 170% This Year Alone

Notable among cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has reached a record level this year. On Thursday, it rose 4.6 percent to २२ 22,099, or १६ 1.624 million per unit. This year, its value has risen by more than 170 percentLarge investors are attracted to it for quick profits, which is why its value is rising sharply.

So far this year, an increase of 170 percent

this year, yet its value has increased by 170 percent. After Corona, the price of Bitcoin fell below ४० 4,000 per unit in March. But now, with the dollar weakening, Bitcoin is recovering rapidly. Similarly, the recent fall in gold prices in the global market has also increased the interest of investors in cryptocurrencies.

The reason for the rise in cryptocurrency

According to Black Rock, the world’s largest company, Bitcoin could one day replace gold as a safe haven. This can also be attributed to the rise in the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also on the rise as the prices of Ethereum, XRP, Lightcoin, and Stellar, popular in small cryptocurrencies, rise.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It is also called digital currency. Bitcoin is such a currency that you can neither see nor touch it. It is stored electronically. Bitcoin was discovered in 2008. It was officially launched in 2009.

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