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Monitor Your Kids WhatsApp with Powerful Spy App

The Whatsapp messenger is the most commonly used communication channel that is been in use for the last few years. A report established that more than 95% of the smartphone users that exist globally always have Whatsapp messenger on their phones.

This user base also included kids and teens as well, which brought up new and threatening insights to the tale.

It is reported in many investigations that online communication and social networks pose a heck of threatening paradigms that evolve and impact and influence the kids overall quality of life.

One of the most problematic digital networks of them is Whatsapp. The features of Whatsapp where to pose unparalleled and unmatched convenience to its users, they also pose a great deal of harm that can come to haunt the child in many ways. Let’s talk them out.

Threats to kids through Whatsapp chats

The one on one and group chat feature of Whatsapp allows its users to exchange views and communicate and share thoughts, and talk around easily. In the same manner, the chat functionality of Whatsapp allows cybercriminals and paedophiles to get in touch with the kids easily.

The criminals find extended access to the kids through Whatsapp groups. It is reported that a major of cybercriminals get in touch with the kids by getting their contact details from the Whatsapp groups, where the contact number of the target is easily visible.

The cybercriminals get in touch with the kids and initially pretend themselves as the kids’ friends. They usually look to know about the kid’s secrets and then try to exploit these secrets for getting illegitimate benefits.

The cyber offenders normally ask the kids to share the financial details of their parents, after knowing the financial credentials, they try out using the said information to get monetary benefits.

A number of parents reported about the financial malfunctioning and fraud they have faced due to the negligence and irresponsible behaviour of their child.

The experts suggest that the parents should be that much friendly with the kids that they don’t feel ashamed or hesitant while sharing anything with the parents. The parents should give enough confidence to their kids so that they may be able to share any sort of problem with them without any hassle.

Another threat that is posed to kids through Whatsapp chats is the spread of inappropriate and immoral content over Whatsapp groups. The criminals, in many cases, look to spread such content in order to instigate the target child for their evil objectives.

The kids, in many cases, after getting into a close circle of the criminals start involving in criminals activities like gambling, robbery, and other activities of the same kids. This all gets away into kids’ lives through unfair communication among the child and the criminal. So, the parents need to be well aware of all the activities of their kids by all means so that they can ensure their augmented safety and protection in all aspects.

The solution of the problem

The experts conducted a series of investigations and come to an argument that the parents should monitor Whatsapp activities of their kids, in order to ensure foolproof security. The experts are of the view that a Whatsapp monitoring spy app can be used to extensively record each and every bit of communication performed by the child.

The best in this aspect is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on iPhone and Android devices as well; the app does all the spying without providing any clue to the target user.

Monitor Whatsapp chats with TheOneSpy

The chat spying feature of Whatsapp allows the parent to monitor, reading, and recording all the chats.

Using the chat spying feature, the parent will be able to know who is communicating with the child and in what manner. If a specific user does not uphold the standards of communication, the same user can be blocked by the parent.

In this way, the parent earns great control over the activities of the child without any hassle. The parent can even assign a number of keywords for the chats, the feature works in a way that every time the same keywords get typed or used over the Whatsapp chat, the parent gets a notification which ensures augmented security.


The best and most powerful spy app to monitor Whatsapp is TheOneSpy. It has a state of the art chat spying feature that truly addresses the needs and concerns of the parents by all means.



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