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Mexico Dedicated Server to make your Small Business More Successful

Starting a business in Mexico on your own is a big achievement, although it is just a start and you would want to expand it and grow it with each passing day. For that, you would need to build your presence online and reach more people.

When it comes to running a bisiness online, the first and the most important thing would be the hosting service. With this, you can’t compromise. Your Web Host should be capable of hosting your business website with ease, flexibility and reliability to deliver the best performance. The hosting solution should also be secure too, otherwise, your competitors or online scammers can easily make your reputation vulnerable.

Only a Mexico Dedicated Server is able to meet all these criteria, which makes it your best choice to host your small business website and make it more successful. 

Merits of Mexico Dedicated Server for Small Business

The reason why the Dedicated Server Mexico is best for small business is that it features excellent services and facilities to host your online business.

Following are the few merits that you would get with Mexico Dedicated Server:

Enhanced Security

One of the reasons why you need a Dedicated Server in Mexico for your small business is you will get more security. You don’t want to compromise with security when you are online. There are plenty of hackers and spammers that can benefit from your vulnerable security.

Poor security means, anyone can invade your online business website and steal sensitive and crucial data. As a businessman, no one wants that to happen.

When you use the shared server your server is shared among thousands of websites. Which makes it very easy for hackers to invade your server and threaten your website data.

With Dedicated Server, only you will be owning the server which makes it almost impossible for hackers and spammers to get into your server and cause any kind of threat to your privacy. 

Less Limitations

Owning your own server means no too few limitations on how you manage, run or control the server. This is by far the best benefit of Dedicated Server Hosting Mexico for business owners.

Unique IP Address

With Dedicated Server, all the clients get their own unique IP Address.  This ensures better performance for the sites and better SEO rankings.


One of the merits of getting a Dedicated Server Mexican for your small business in Mexico is that you will get more flexibility as well.

Signals that Indicate you need a Dedicated Server

Signals that Indicate you need a Dedicated Server

If the merits are not enough to convince you to get a Mexican Dedicated Server Hosting, then these signal should be your cue. Take a look at the signs which tells you it is time to invest in a Dedicated Server.

High Traffic

If your website is getting a high traffic surge then it is important that you have enough resources to tackle the high traffic surge for your business. If you are on a shared server or even with a VPS hosting plan, it can handle only a limited traffic surge at once.

So if your website is getting more traffic than usual, you may want to get a Dedicated Server for your business.

You are dealing with sensitive data and information

One of the reasons to get a Dedicated Server in Mexico is when you are dealing with a lot of sensitive information. Whether it is about your business or your visitors or customers, you need to make sure you are protecting that sensitive information at any cost. Only a dedicated can secure your website and online business information.

Low SEO Ranking

Your SEO rankings directly depend on the type of hosting service you have. When you are using the shared server, your SEO rankings would directly depend on all the shared websites on your server. You can never know what your neighbouring website is like, they could be an adult site, a spammy site or a site that usually gets blocked by a number of visitors, this can severely affect your SEO ranking too.

Features of the Best Dedicated Server Provider

When it comes to choosing the Best Dedicated Server for your website, you need to be careful. There are a few things that you need to know while choosing your Dedicated Server provider.

The Cost

The cost is one of the most important criteria that you should be looking at. Of course, any smart businessmen want to invest in the Best Dedicated Server Mexico provider that can provide the best facilities at a cheaper cost.


Figure out your budget before you look for the ideal plan so you would have something to look up to.

Evaluate the Needs of Your Website and Business

One of the most important things that you need to look for is if the server can meet up your business requirements. Sometimes a website has special needs that can’t be met with normal plans so make sure what your business website needs and if your provider is capable of meeting these needs.

Figure out Specifications

Before finalizing your web hosting provider, you need to figure out the specifications of your websites.  That includes how much resources you will need if you can scale up the resources, the choices for operating systems and control panel, security measures and so on.

About Serverwala

One of the Dedicated Server providers in Mexico that can meet your needs at a cheaper cost would be Serverwala.

Serverwala is the leading web hosting provider in Mexico and across the world. They provide a number of web hosting services like shared server, VPS, Dedicated Server and so on. They aim to assist the growing business to reach new highest and become more successful with a hassle-free hosting service.

Key Features of Dedicated Server Mexico Plan

Dedicated Server Mexico plan by Serverwala

If you choose Serverwala’s Mexico Dedicated Server plans then you will get the following benefits.

Control Panel Options

With Serverwala’s dedicated plan you will get plenty of control panel options. It is important that you have multiple options to choose from as it would make it easier to work with a control panel that you are familiar with or easy to work with.

You will get to choose from Webuzo, cPanel and Plesk.

Operating System Options

Just like the control panel, you will also get the choices with the Operating Systems. You can choose your operating system from Windows OS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc.

Full Root Access

Customers would get full root access that would grant them total control over the server. So they can manage and count the roll of their server however they like. They would be able to install any software or web applications without any restrictions. 

Host Multiple Websites

When you run an online business, one website will never be enough. This is why you need a Dedicated Server Mexican, where you can run multiple websites or web applications without any restrictions. 

99.99% Uptime

It is important that your website remains accessible to your visitors all the time to ensure higher performance and more success. This why you need more than 99% uptime. Server Wala offers 99.99% uptime.

Customer Reviews

To know whether Mexico Dedicated Server provider is worth your money and time is to look at the customer reviews to know what they have to say about their services and facilities. 


Server Wala has thousands of happy customers has the world and they all have some nice things to say about them as well.


As for our conclusion, all we can say is Mexico Dedicated Server is more of a necessity than a better option for your online business. Only a Dedicated Server Hosting in Mexico has the means to meet your business needs and make it more successful.

Dedicated server providers like Serverwala not only is the best company they are also the cheapest and more reliable provider in Mexico for your small business. So make sure you make a smart move and go for Serverwala’s Mexico Dedicated Server.


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