How To Start A Blog From Scratch {Step By Step Guide}

In this article, We will cover How To Start A Blog From Scratch.Under a dynamic changing environment, people are finding it difficult to do a 9 to 5 job. Individuals are looking for business opportunities and want to be their own boss. One of the business opportunities is starting a blog. How do you create a blog website? Are there any potential opportunities in this business? What are the risks? What would be the investment to start this?

What are blogs?

The word Blog is actually a combination of 2 words ‘web’ and ‘log’ which got shortened to ‘blog’. In very simple terms, a modern blog is simply a website that is updated regularly with new content.

Originally they were created as ‘logs’ or personal diaries, where people would post interesting journals of their lives online to share with the world. Of course, now, that same basic principle has spread to create ‘logs’ on many subjects, not simply our personal lives.

Blogs became very popular because they are very easy to use, meaning a layperson can learn to update content without having any need for programming knowledge. This accounts for the sudden rise in the popularity of blogs and has allowed many people to get involved within minutes.

It really is as simple as logging into your blog, writing the content and pressing the publish button. If you can work your way around a common word processing program, then you should have very little difficulty with blogging too.

What is blogging?

Blogging is simply the process of updating a blog regularly with new content. So if someone is blogging about their year studying abroad (just as I did when I first started blogging), then they are simply updating a webpage regularly with a new bit of content. This allows many people to keep up to date with your content in a very structured and organized way.

This website you are viewing now is actually a blog. I discuss Business, Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing related topics, so anyone who is interested in my views and opinions on these topics can simply follow my blog.

A major advantage of blogging is that your content is picked up very favourable by search engines as they seem to like the concept of regularly updated content. Static websites that stay the same for years on end are slowly changing to be more interactive and thus give people a reason to constantly return to your site. Thus making blogging a very useful tool to create a following.

What are the different ways to get started on a blog?

There are two main ways people get started with blogging, both of which I will discuss in greater details during this extended series on blogging.

1. Free blog

The first way is to use one of the many online blogging service providers. They are mostly free to join, you simply sign up and your blog will be created for you instantly on their site. This is an excellent way to quickly experiment with blogging and discover just how easy blogging actually is.

However, it has disadvantages. The blog is never your own as it is on the third-party’s website. It can also look unprofessional as it may contain ads by the third party (they have to keep the service free somehow) and of course the blog is never really yours as you have just ‘borrowed’ blogging space on another site. For this reason, many people have started to prefer option 2:

2. Self-hosted blog.

This is exactly the same as option 1 except this time you use blogging software to create a blog on a domain name of your choosing.

This initially takes some knowhow as you have to buy a domain and then find hosting, however as you will see in later editions to this series, creating the actual blog can be down in under five minutes using free software. This is now the preferred method as you have full control over your blog and can use a domain name that suits you or your business.

What are the types of blog?

There are many different types of blogs and perhaps that number is even growing day by day as people find new and interesting topics to blog about. The blog is always the same, you simply choose a topic to write about so that people can quickly define what type of content they will find on your blog.

Here are some major types of blog to get you thinking:

  • Personal diaries – Back to where blogging began, detailing your journal online
  • Personal Opinions – Similar to diaries except here you can broadcast your thought on any number of topics.
  • Business-related – This blog definitely falls into this category as I give business, entrepreneurship and Online Marketing advice. Formal businesses often offer a journal detailing business activities.
  • Politics – This is perhaps one of the reasons the use of blogs became so widespread. Politicians began using blogging to connect with their supporters, which some belief helped spread the message of blogging.
  • Photos/videos – Blogs do not have to be written content. Sometimes they are based on regularly updated pictures or even videos.
  • Tips and how to – These are useful blogs offered by experienced people who have knowledge that can help others.
  • Sports – sports are constantly creating the news, thus an ideal topic for many bloggers.

Of course, There are many many more blogs. If you can write regularly on any topic, then it can potentially become a blog.

What should I know before starting a blog?

a) Choose a Niche For Your Blog

Before going to start a blog you have to Find the Best Niche Ideas. To be a successful blogger you need to choose a profitable niche to write about. So choose one niche, which you are free to write about, and have in-depth knowledge of that niche.

b) Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Blog

This is the URL that your readers would type and come to your website. It is like

c) Choose a Good Hosting For Your Blog

You need a web hosting service to have all data pertaining to your website. There are several web hosting services like, etc

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start A Blog

I would not say it is easy to create a blog website. If you are creating a blog website for useful and unique information, you need not take any technical support from anyone. However, if you are creating a website to sell products, you need to take technical support in building the website. If you have a piece of computer knowledge and passion for a particular subject, you can create a blog website within 2-3 days of time. You can visit or etc.

Step-1: Visit the domain name seller or web hosting company website

Visit the domain name seller or web hosting company website. Register yourself so that you would get an ID and password.

Step-2: Purchased Domain Name

Select the domain name which you want to register. In case the domain name is not available or already purchased by someone, necessary domain name suggestions would get generated. You can select one among them and click on continue.

Step-3: Check options for a web hosting service

You need to check the option whether you want to opt for a web hosting service. Webhosting is one, where your website data would be stored. It could be HTML pages, web pages, databases, forms, email storage etc.  The domain name costs anywhere between $ 10 / Rs 500 per year. You can register for 1 year for time being. You can always renew later-on.

Step-4: Select Best Web Hosting Service

For a web hosting service, you have an option to select the number of years you want the service. Since you are not aware whether your website would be successful or now, you can choose for 1 year period. This way you need not spend huge money and incur a loss. Generally, the web hosting charges would be within USD 110 per year / Rs 6,000 per year. Proceed for the payment option.

Step-5: Add Domain Name To Your Web Hosting Service

Once you have done with domain name registration and web hosting service, now you are ready to start your website installation. Login to your account and check for Web hosting service option. You need to add your domain name to your web hosting service to access and install the necessary software or applications for your websites to perform. Follow instructions on how to add your domain name to your web hosting account.

Step-6: Install The Necessary Software’s

Once your domain name is added to your web hosting service, now you need to install the necessary software’s. It would depend on what website you are planning to create. If you want to create a blog for information and the latest updates, you can use free software’s like WordPress, Joomla etc. There are millions of websites that are running on WordPress software. is installed on WordPress. You can visit to download the latest version of WordPress software or you can install it directly from your web hosting service. If you have opted for the web hosting service, this can be done within a few seconds. The option of WordPress installation is very much available once you click on the web hosting service. The process would take a few minutes.

Step-7: Install a Database

You need to install a database so that all your data would be stored in the database. The option to create a database would be available in the web hosting service menu itself.

Step-8: logging As Admin 

Once you have completed the installation of word press or Joomla or any other website software + database is created, now you are ready to enter in your admin area of the blog or website. You would get a relevant ID and password to your email ID about this. You can log in with the ID and password and the URL prescribed for login. If you have installed WordPress, the website URL to log in would be You would get a login page. Login with your ID and password.

Step-9: Create an Article Now

Once you log in, you are ready to create an article now. Go to the New Post option and type the title and text and click on publish now. Your data is live. You can visit your website and see how your article is appearing. Not happy with the content, layout, etc. looks plain simple and not attractive? Don’t worry; you have just created a simple blog.

Step-10: Install Some Important Plugins

If you have created using WordPress or Joomla, you can install several free plugins which would enhance the look of your website. If you have installed WordPress, you can download the same from These free plugins would help you to create good content and see that you get a good ranking in the Google search engine. Popular plugins which can be used are 1) All in one SEO plugin 2) Easy AdSense 3) WP-Popular posts 4) Recent posts plugin etc.,

Now your website should be up and running and may look attractive. You can keep making modifications / up-gradations so that your website looks fresh and with the latest updates.

FAQs on How To Start A Blog

If you want to publish useful or unique information, you don’t need to spend even a single dollar beyond this. There are very good software like WordPress, Joomla etc. which you can use. They also come with additional plugins (software’s) to add features to your blog.

If you are passionate about a particular subject like investment, education, sports etc., you can start writing articles on this subject. You can write whenever you are free and they are no restrictions. To get good rankings, you should write at least 1 article per day. You can write 7 articles in a week and schedule them so that they would get published every day.

This is the important part of your blog activity. You should work to ensure that search engines recognize your blog. To do that you should submit your blog to website directories like Google, dmoz etc., You should comment on other blogs who are in your same niche. You would improve your blog rankings over a period of time and your flow of visitors would increase automatically.

There are various ways to monetize your blog or website. One of the main monetization methods is pay per click advertising. You can apply for Google adsense where they would provide you the advertisement code and you can place this on your website. When visitors start coming to your site, they click on the advertisements and Google would pay you every month. There are several other pay per click advertising options like, Propeller Ads etc. You can also approach several advertisers for direct banner advertising, promote affiliate marketing etc., Your blog or website should get matured to implement such monetizing methods.

This would depend upon the subject of your blog website, the monetization methods you are adopting and the number of visitors. There is no hard and fast rule here. You should be easily make out $ 1,000 per month if you work hard for 6 months period. In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh there are some restrictions from Google that it would approve Google adsense account only after 6 months period to ensure that bloggers create a quality content.

You need to spend more than 6 months to 9 months to bring your blog into a good shape. The more you put the effort, the quicker you achieve your goal. In a worst case, you would lose all your effort along with your annual charges what you have paid. If you really want to try whether this option works for you or not, you can also go for monthly packages where you can get your domain for one year + one month hosting charges for less than $ 20.

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