How To Make Money Online In Nepal Through YouTube

There are several ways to make money online in Nepal. If you are a good photographer or good at taking out nice videos, you can make money online in Nepal through YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website where users can share videos and anyone can view them. There are billions of videos currently which are being viewed across the world every day. If you can invest small money of up to $ 200 for video recorder / handy-cam and video editing software’s, you can make good money up to $ 1,000 with some effort. This is one of the best ways to make money online in Nepal where one can convert their hobbies into money.

Step-by-step process on How to setup YouTube Channel In Nepal

Step-1: Visit the website. Create an account on YouTube by clicking on the register option. If you already have a YouTube account, skip this step.

Step-2: Start uploading your videos into your respective channels. The channels are generally categorized into entertainment, business, lifestyle and health etc.

Step-3: Ensure that the videos you upload are unique and are not copyright content of others. The length of the video does not matter. You should upload the videos regularly and consistently so that your audience would keep visiting your newly added videos.

Step-4: There are several ways to improve the quality of your videos. Your creativity and good software’s can improve the quality of your videos.

Step-5: Use appropriate keywords to describe your videos. Based on the description, the videos would get filtered when a user searches for any specific keyword.

Step-6: Promote your videos by exploring various options. Use social media like Facebook or Twitter to promote your videos. People can share and you can get more audience

Top 3 way to make money online in Nepal through YouTube

Though there are various ways to earn money online in Nepal through YouTube, below are the top ones.

1) YouTube Partner

You can make money online in Nepal by becoming a YouTube partner. However, several conditions are attached to it. YouTube would display advertisement on your videos while the user views them.  Revenue is shared with Partners based on certain guidelines.

Video Views: YouTube partners would make $ 1 to $ 10 per 1000 views. The rates would differ as it would depend on how popular your video is?

Subscribers: If you attract customers and if they sign-up for your account in YouTube, the YouTube affiliate is paid $ 0.05 per customer. If you have 10,000 customers, you get paid $ 500+

Channel Views: YouTube partners would get $ 0.01 per channel views. If your channel (a group of videos) views are 100,000 then, you would get $ 1,000+.

2) Direct sponsorship advertisement

Another way to make money online in Nepal through YouTube is by directly approaching a sponsor. Generally, if your video is in a particular niche like Investments, you can approach some of the investments or banks to sponsor and pay you for advertisements.

However one needs to contact the companies directly to get direct advertisements.

3) Earn money Online in Nepal through YouTube by way of affiliate marketing

Another way is approaching affiliate marketing companies for promoting their products. You can put the affiliate links on your video descriptions and if anyone clicks the links and makes a sale, you would get a commission on such products.

There are millions of people who are earning passive income through YouTube. If you have good creativity and photography is your hobby, making a thousand dollars a month in your leisure time is a simple task.

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