How To Make Money From Facebook Page Likes And Groups

Facebook platform is one of the fastest ways to pass on any information to your friends. The info could about your friends, products, services or about anything happening in the world. I keep getting messages asking whether we can earn money or Make Money From Facebook Page Likes and Groups. While there are no direct ways to make money from Facebook page likes and groups, There are several indirect ways where you can use Facebook to earn money

The Best 4 Way To Make Money From Facebook Page Likes and Groups

1) Use Facebook as a platform to advertise your blog or website

If you own a blog or website, the best way to promote your business is through Facebook. You can create a Facebook page for your business. This page would look something like

By using the Facebook developer application, you can put Facebook likes button on your website or blog. When someone feels your blog is good, they would use this Facebook Like option and share it with their friends on Facebook. You would get free traffic from Facebook through this method and many people would come to know about your business and would business can grow. I am using this method personally on other blogs and it is successful.

2) Create your own product or service to sell on Facebook

If you are creative or you have a unique product or service, you can add to your Facebook fan page and advertise. People who are searching for such products or services would come to your Facebook fan page and would contact you via Facebook or email to buy such a product or service. Last month I read in the media about a Nepal college girl who pulled her all old shoes from her storeroom, painted them with good colours and displayed them on Facebook.

This has attracted several Nepal and they started giving orders to her. This girl painting hobby had made her a small entrepreneur and making money through Facebook. She indicates that currently, she is using only Facebook to market such products. What a creative way to make money from Facebook page likes and group.

3) Direct Advertising on Facebook page or Groups

If you are good at networking, you can create a Facebook fan page about a particular niche/domain and promote the Facebook page. Over a period of time, once you get a good number of fans, you can use this platform to sell the space by way of promoting third party products. One of my friends is a financial advisor wherein he created a Facebook fan page. With his unique articles, his Facebook page got more than 500+ likes. There are several email followers too. He went to google search and searched “Best Investments”. There are several advertisers who are advertising and betting on these keywords.

He makes a list of such advertisers and goes to their website and clicks on the “Contact us” option and indicates about his Facebook Fan page. Advertisers started calling this gentleman to promote their products. He views the advertiser’s content and starts promoting through the Facebook fan page by just sharing their URL and clicking the “submit” button on his Facebook fan page. Advertisers are paying him $ 100 to $ 150 per request for promoting on his website. However, unless your Facebook fan page is popular, it would be difficult to make money from Facebook page likes and groups with this option.

4) Use affiliate marketing to make money from Facebook page likes and groups

You might be aware of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you would promote their links (which would be a URL + unique ID) and when someone makes sales based on your link, you would get a commission on such sales. The commission ranges between 2% to 30% depending on the product. You need to identify the affiliate marketing products in your domain and sign-up for them. You need not pay anything for sign-up.

Once you sign-up, they would provide a link that needs to be used for promoting their products. Such links can be shared on the Facebook fan page to make money from Facebook page likes and groups. There are several affiliate marketing companies like Amazon,, etc. which you can sign-up for free and start making money through Facebook.

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