Role of physiotherapy in osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone related condition in which the bones of the patient becomes weak and porous. This is because the bones are unable to absorb the required nutrients like calcium which will result in less bone formation and enhanced bone cleavage. Such type of patients are more prone to bone fracture and breakage which makes their life quite vulnerable. Usually this condition occurs in elder women after menopause and it should be treated in the best possible way to avoid any severe complication. 

Apart from medications and diet modification, physical exercise is also very important in treating this condition. For this reason physiotherapy is recommended and if you are living in Dubai then you can easily find the best physiotherapy centers in Dubai. By using the term best physiotherapy Dubai we mean that they are using the latest exercises and techniques in this therapy to help their patients in the best way. Following are some of the main benefits that how physiotherapy is going to manage osteoporosis but before starting any exercise, make sure that you have consulted a health care professional.

Reduce bone loss

In osteoporosis the bones are becoming weaker and weaker because the bone strengthening mechanism is no longer present. This is because the nutrients are unable to reach their target areas which will lead to bone loss. For this purpose physiotherapy is quite beneficial as it includes certain exercises which will help in bone formation and this eliminate the chances of bone loss. By doing such exercises the patient will feel better in few days in terms of his mobility.

Appropriate posture

Most of the patients are unaware about the correct posture of their body. Posture plays a very important role in keeping your bones healthy, this is the reason that most of the physiotherapist emphasizes a lot on maintaining proper posture of the body. The appropriate posture is very essential to avoid any fracture especially in patients with osteoporosis as they are more prone to such terrible situations. To avoid all these conditions, physiotherapy is the only solution.

Proper alignment and balance

A patient with osteoporosis has to be more cautious regarding his alignment and balance of the body. They must make sure that their body is properly aligned while doing any physical activity. For this purpose a physiotherapist will recommend certain exercises as well as appropriate techniques through which a person suffering from osteoporosis can maintain his body alignment and balance.