DIY tricks to tint your car windows

3m tint on windows and car tinting in Dubai change the appearance of your car. It makes your car look more appealing and classy. Not only it upgrades the look but also protects the interior of car from fading away, provides protection from sunlight by keeping you car cool. If you have a good quality tint on your car windows that will be an additional spec while selling your car.

You can either tint the windows of your car yourself or by getting it done by experts at tinting shop. For expert installment of tint you need to pay extra cash and that would be worth it too. But not everyone can afford this expense within their budget. So one can also tint windows at home too.

Foe that purpose you need to buy window film and adhesive from an auto shop. Determine the amount of sunlight in your area for choosing the amount of tint in the film. Choose good quality films as the last longer whereas low quality films peel out and change its colour after a while. Other than that you also need some more products like a scarper, razor blade, blow dryer, squeegee, application solution and a new soft cleaning fabric that should not shed.

Check the amount of tint allowed in your state. As their are certain laws of tint for the safety of drivers. The law vary in different states.

For the application of film on the window make sure the surroundings are clean or otherwise the dust will cling to the film. Also temperature should be medium at that place which can also affect the application of tint film.

Cut the film according to the size of your windows and leave a little extra at the bottom that will stick into the door. The hardest window to tint is back rear window which is often curved. Bubbles may form during the application of film. For that a squeegee is used that is flat rubber blade that pushes away bubbles. This part of application requires patience as pushing away bubbles take time and smooth movements of squeegee back and forth. All bubbles if not remove increase in size with time.

Thus, tinting at home is not an easy task and requires patience and effort. Once you research about it in detail and get the right products then the time and energy invested will be fruitful.