Different types of bed lines

Bed sheets are the essential part of any home as no one wants to sleep on the bare mattress as it looks odd and also the mattress will get dirty with time and you cannot wash that. To keep your mattress clean you have to place bed sheets Dubai on that. These bed sheets are of different types and you can choose the type which you like the most or you can use them alternatively. To know more about these types you have to see this:

Bottom sheet: It is the first sheet that covers the bedroom furniture UAE as it has elastic to get fit on the mattress. These are the necessary ones as the others will slip off the mattress but these bottom fitted sheets will stay at place due to the elastic on the corners. No matter how many times you sit on the bed or how much kids play on bed, it stays in place and keep the mattress clean.

Top sheet: It is the sheet that is used to place below the comforter to make it sturdier and keep it at its place. It will make it easier to sleep with a top sheet along with the comforter or blanket. It will also prevent your blanket and comforter for being directly touching your skin and getting dirty.

Bedspread: It is the most important type of the bed linen as it will cover the entire bedding and comes down to the floor. In most of the countries it is the only bed linen which is used on the beds and all others are considered as the luxury to have. These can be made of cotton, cotton stain, silk, wool or polyester. Most common type is the cotton and silk is considered as a decorative and luxury bedding material.

Coverlet: These are used as the extra bedding linen as they are placed on bedspread but they are not big enough to go through all the way down to the floor. They are also used as the foot runner on the foot side of the bed. They are not a necessity to include in your bed linen list as the use of this type of bed linen is very less and most of the time they are used only as a decorative item.