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What Is Dental Insurance? And How Its Different From Health Insurance

Dental insurance, Some lucky people born with perfect pearly whites. But not everyone has that sparkly smile. Teeth are like precious jewels & one should take very good care of them. Have you thought about your mouth lately? Maybe it’s time that you do.

When you think about insuring your health, you first think about covering costs of treatment for serious medical injuries or accidents. That’s a natural thing to do. But there’s another type of insurance that’s equally important i.e. dental insurance. Because dental disease is so common, being protected by dental insurance and using it wisely are essential safeguards for you and your family.

Dental insurance is an insurance that will provide the person having dental insurance protection with required financial assistance for normal dental care and damage occurred to teeth from accidents, this can be under an individual or group insurance plan. In the past dental insurance was treated only as a prerequisite provided by the company to its employees. It’s advisable for everyone to go for dental insurance.

Dental insurance is becoming a necessity in everyday life due to the increased costs of visiting the dentist. Even routine check-ups can be costly. All dental work is quite expensive. But dental coverage helps with those costs considerably. And it is even helpful for those lucky people with nice, healthy teeth.

It is important for your health and appearance to look after your teeth, so affordable dental insurance is a sensible precaution.

Difference Between Dental Insurance & Health Insurance

Earth! it is a beautiful place to live. Greenery, water, land, beauty everywhere & we are fortunate that we are the part of this world. We should enjoy each n every moment of our life & that is only possible when we fit & healthy. Everyone suffers from health problems from time to time & that time we need financial support that can help us in covering the cost of medical treatment. Here is when the medical insurance (health insurance, dental insurance etc.) comes in rescue.

When you think of the word ‘health insurance’ and the idea always comes in your mind is of covering serious diseases through insurance plans. Yet dental insurance, in many ways, is different from health insurance.

Health InsuranceDental Insurance
Health insurance covers medical diseases and is designed to cover the costs of diagnosing, treating and curing serious illnesses, that are in most cases non-preventive by nature.Dental insurance plans are designed to encourage patients to keep their teeth in good condition to avoid dental problems of a larger scale.
Apart from treatment, major costs can involve visits to specialists, multiple tests, hospitalization, and medication.High-quality tests, specialists are rarely required for routine dental problems. Diagnostic treatment does not require more than an x-ray at the most, so dental insurance is relatively cheaper and aims at preventive care.
Depending on the health, age and attitudes of people in the medical coverage group, costs can fluctuate widely.The costs associated with dental care remain relatively stable.
Health insurance plans usually provide coverage for serious diseases that by their very nature can be unpredictable and catastrophic.Dental insurance is different from health insurance in that dental problems are neither unpredictable nor catastrophic.
It is usually purchased by yourself. Even if the company provides medical coverage, buying individual health insurance is a safer option that will prove beneficial in the long run.Companies usually provide group dental coverage to their employees. People with group dental insurance plans do not require additional individual dental coverage.
Medical treatment can be extremely expensive and a purchased individual health insurance plan can help relieve tension to some extent. Medical diseases are an insurable risk.There is the near-universal incidence of dental disease – everyone has it, and hence, everyone needs and will utilize dental care. Dental disease is not an insurable risk.

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