Starting A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business

A commercial carpet cleaning business can be a wonderful opportunity for many people. However, it can also take a lot of hard work and determination to make it successful. The barriers to entry for carpet cleaning are quite low. For this reason, there is always a barrage of new competitors to deal with. Many people start a carpet cleaning company and immediately start marketing to households. The problem is that with all the competition it gets harder and harder to stand out. This can be remedied by selecting a niche market and specializing in a certain type of cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning is one such niche that can be exploited.

Many carpet cleaning businesses only have a few commercial accounts scattered throughout their customer base. This segment of carpet cleaning is often overlooked and taken for granted. Many cleaners do not like to deal with commercial accounts because of the hours required. Many of these jobs must be performed at night and on weekends. However, many people actually enjoy working these hours. If you can get past the odd hours there are several benefits that come with working on commercial carpet cleaning.

Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business

1. Steady nature of the business

One benefit of commercial carpet cleaning is the steady nature of the business. Most businesses know that they must maintain a professional look in order to meet their client’s expectations. Many of these businesses will require frequent cleaning, sometimes as much as once a month. There are even some restaurants that have their carpet cleaned every two weeks.

2. Unsupervised work

Another benefit of commercial carpet cleaning is the unsupervised work. As long as you are performing the work yourself or have a trusted technician this will not be a problem and can be quite enjoyable. Often times, it can be quite nice interacting with customers; however, there are times when you just want to show up and get the work done.

3.Ideal for this mindset

Commercial carpet cleaning is ideal for this mindset. In addition, it is acceptable to use personal entertainment devices such as iPods to listen to your favourite music or radio programs while performing the cleaning. In a residential home, this would be considered very rude. Once a commercial account is set up, oftentimes, you will have little to no contact with the building manager or business owner. This is not to say that you should not periodically check with these people to make sure cleanings are meeting their needs and everything is satisfactory.

Not all commercial cleaning must be done during the night and evening hours or on weekends. Hotels and motels often have their carpets cleaned in the mornings. Hotels are notorious for paying low rates for their cleanings. However, this can be overcome by utilizing different cleaning methods. In addition, when cleaning hotels and motels it is customary to clean the rooms in blocks.

This means that the hotel will reserve a group of rooms grouped together with a pre-agreed-upon number. For instance, the hotel would reserve rooms 100 through 120 for cleaning, then the following day rooms 121 through 140 would be reserved. This allows the hotel to have a number of rooms still available for rent, and this also speeds up the cleaning process for the carpet cleaner since they don’t have to try to move equipment from room to room throughout the hotel.

If you decide that you would like to specialize in commercial carpet cleaning then it would greatly benefit you to learn several different methods of cleaning. What works great on one type of carpet may be terrible for another kind. Greasy restaurants will need the high heat of steam cleaning while an office building with light foot traffic may only need a light cleaning with an encapsulation method. The difference in the cost of the cleaning can be quite large and clean with the wrong method could be the difference between making a profit and losing money. Also, remember that a good carpet cleaning business plan is essential for success.

So, you do not have to rush from house to house throughout the day driving yourself crazy trying to make a living as a carpet cleaner. Commercial carpet cleaning offers a great alternative segment in the carpet cleaning field.

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