9 Reasons Why You Will Never Be Successful { Life-Changing Tips }

Be successful in a career is harder than you think. It takes a lot of hard work, Passion and  Focus. Many people want to be successful, but will never be because of the following reasons. This list has been compiled after working with numerous clients so there is a good chance that if you are not yet successful and can not figure out why, then the reason may be here:

1) You listen to too many people

This is my pet hate.

  • Take action, don’t try to gather mentors, they are not trophies and all have different ways of doing things so will leave you confused
  • Learn as much as you can from one mentor before moving on to the next.

Like people on here who gather tons and tons of advice, but never take any action.

2) You do not have a mentor

I speak about this all the time to my clients

  • Of course, you can do it without a mentor it may just take you 3 or 4 times as long

3) You focus on too many things at once

  • Try the rule of three (I wrote about it on my blog).  Ask yourself, what are the three most important aspects of my business. What three things do my customers like best about my product and what three things are my priority today.
  • Think in three’s, don’t overcomplicate

4) You never finish things

This is like how I used to be, your mind is in many places at once and you end up starting on something new before you finish something off.

  • Learn to accept that something finished is better than 100 half-finished projects
  • Don’t aim for perfection, just finish it. Once finished improve it until its great. (concept of continuous improvement, relieves the pressure and makes finishing something fun)

5) You don’t listen to the advice given

You make excuses as to why it will not work for you without trying hard enough at it.

  • If you trust the person, trust the advice… try it
  • If you want the lifestyle the advisor has, understand they may know something you do not know or understand yet.

6) You don’t really believe you can be successful

By not believing you can give up easily and make excuses why something will not work without even trying it. You make it more difficult for yourself so you don’t have to risk anything and can give up easily and go back to your normal routine life like all your friends. Being different from your friends and being successful is alien to you.

  • Understand most people are not successful on their first few attempts, and that’s why it’s called a learning curve.
  • Hang out or surround yourself with people who be successful. There is a reason why this is widely known to be successful.
  • Believe it is possible or just gives up, you’re wasting your time and energy.

7) You’re just too lazy

The sooner you learn that luck comes to those who make an effort to find it, the quicker you will start looking for it and stumble upon it.

  • Do something, you learn by doing.

8.) You cannot learn to prioritise

Goes hand in hand with the number 3. You spend most of your time on secondary tasks when the most important stuff gets left behind.

  • Remember the rule of three. Ask ‘What are the three most important things I should do today’
  • Make a list of all tasks, number them, 1 = urgent, 2 = should do, 3 = would be good to do.
  • Do 1′s first, then 2′s forget 3′s until you have done all 1 and 2.
  • If more 1′s and 2′s get added to the list, accept they are more urgent and happily wipe them off.
  • Put all your tasks on ‘post it’ notes, then feel the satisfaction of screwing them up and throwing them away when the job is done.

9) You do not have anyone to hold you accountable

The best athletes do it, miss training they have a forfeit.

  • Find an accountability partner and help yourself become accountable (preferably your mentor)

I can bet, because this title is negative, it will draw more response …  change your thinking and habits for success to find you.

Feel free to add any points I have missed to make it an ultimate resource for newbies.

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