The Top 5 Working Rules For Entrepreneurs And Startups

Welcome to perhaps my shortest post yet. 5 working rules for startups and entrepreneurs to live by:


1) Do something that scares you every day…

If you have been putting something off or just feared doing something, then get through them one by one.

You will be surprised just how much you learn and develop by giving them a go.

Cold calling via door to door scares me, but we took some cookies and went around our business park yesterday. We made some great contacts, found some interesting businesses, some prospective customers and some cool freebies too. What once scared me, no longer does…


2) Work hard on what is most important first.

Do not just work, work on what is most important. So simple but so necessary if you want to progress quickly.

Cut out all distractions and truly work hard.

I found I always checked my emails as soon as I heard the alert, but closing my email app made me anxious to check it. So I simply set the email check timer to 30 minutes and turned off sound, so I still get emails but am distracted much less often.

If you can turn off a distraction do it. If not, make it delay updates as best you can.


3) Set yourself deadlines and Stop being a perfectionist.

You can work on something all day long and still not be happy with it. You have to learn to accept:

It only ever needs to be good enough. 

Set yourself deadlines to finish things and stick to it. It’s amazing how much more you get done when you have a set end time.


4) Get some exercise

No point in being wealthy if you end up fat and unhealthy (note: not all fat people are unhealthy, but most are).

Exercise also gives you time away to relax whilst also releasing hormones that make you more alert. Great for times when you are being unproductive.


5) Make time to be social

Always make time to meet your friends. Your life should never be only about work because the business will come and go whilst friends will be lost forever.

A happy life outside fo work will often make you happier within work. Especially for entrepreneurs who can often feel lonely.

If you have enough time (or have no friends!) then get along to network meetings or find out which companies are working near to you. Go introduce yourself and find out what they do. I made many good connections this way and just yesterday introduced myself to the well-known Majestic SEO company, that is based in the same building as I.

Being successful does not have to be lonely. Do not listen to people who tell you otherwise.

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